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  • 28 Jul 2021
    29 pages
    Thematic Report
    For a very long time, the healthcare industry has overlooked the experience of its consumers, who are now demanding an experience similar to industries such as retail or banking. Realizing this growing need, consumer experience has become an executiv…
  • 27 Jul 2021
    36 pages
    On July 27, Everest Group hosted a webinar titled, "HR Outsourcing’s Role in Winning the Talent War." As organizations recover and rebuild their businesses in the aftermath of the COVID-19 impact, HR leaders are at the forefront of designing people…
  • 23 Jul 2021
    34 pages
    Thematic Report
    Capital markets firms are seeing a wave of disruption due to an increase in digital assets, the demand for self-service and personalized experiences, and threat from new competitors. They are seeking ways to adapt and innovate in the face of a low…
  • 23 Jul 2021
    142 pages
    Service Provider Compendium
    Application transformation is an ongoing and continuous process, in which the application’s environment and features constantly evolve based on changing business needs and technology advances. To compete in a digital world, enterprises are not only…
  • 23 Jul 2021
    1 pages
    Risk Radar Newsflash Report
    Between July 9 and 17, 2021, South Africa was ravaged by mass rioting and protests in its key provinces of KwaZulu-Natal and Gauteng. The unrest, which initially began as a political protest in response to the arrest of former President Jacob Zuma,…