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Everest Group Market Intelligence is the new home of Transaction Intelligence, a comprehensive and growing database of over 27,000 IT, business process, engineering services, and digital transformation outsourcing transactions. It also contains details of mergers and acquisitions for the world's top 25 service providers.

This relaunched platform delivers

  • Improved performance and search speed
  • Improved coverage through more extensive sources
  • Redesigned, more granular classification system (see Transition from Old to New Industry Classification below)
  • Saved searches (run searches, save and name to your own workspace for future use)
  • Library of preconfigured reports for download into Excel/CSV and ability to request further custom reports
  • Ability to view all information by company
  • Direct connection to the Everest Group research team

What is the source of this data? The data is obtained from multiple secondary public domain sources such as supplier web sites, industry newsletters, and online journals.

How many records are there in the system? There are details of over 27,000 sourcing and digital transformation transactions, including over 1,000 M&A deals

What datapoints are included? The names of the companies spending the money and the companies providing services, the value, start date and duration of the contract, and the country in which it was signed. Because the service is based on public domain information, not all datapoints are available for every  transaction.

How many transactions are added each month? Everest Group's research team typically researches and uploads 150 deals every month.

How is the functional scope of a transaction classified? The transactions are classified according to the processes that are being outsourced. The deal may be BPO, ITO, engineering services, related to digital transformation, or be a mix of these services. 

Transition from Old to New industry classification