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Our Pinnacle Model® research identifies and details what the best—Pinnacle Enterprises®—are doing to achieve outstanding outcomes



Current and Upcoming Pinnacle Studies

Services Sourcing Organizational Maturity

All sourcing organizations aspire to maximize business value while minimizing total cost of ownership when sourcing strategic and outsourced services – but it’s not easy given internal and external stakeholder needs, market disruptions, contract negotiations, and supplier management and governance. A Pinnacle-class sourcing model is efficient, agile, and flexible enough to balance a wide variety of needs and expectations. To help you to realize your sourcing vision, this study explores the following questions:

  • What capabilities are required to generate improved outcomes?
  • What governance model attributes differentiate stages of sourcing organization maturity?
  • What business outcomes and value do Pinnacle Enterprises realize versus typical organizations?


Innovation in GICs

GICs are evolving and becoming more integral to enterprise strategy. With a strong understanding of their business’ needs and a deep foundation in service delivery, GICs are uniquely positioned to drive innovation, a key competitive differentiator for global enterprises. This Pinnacle Model assessment will address how a GIC becomes innovative, answering the following questions:

  • How are GICs leading/supporting the enterprise innovation agenda to create impact?
  • What are successful GICs doing differently to build effective innovation teams?
  • What key capabilities (talent, process, funding mechanisms) do GICs need to drive innovation
  • How does the relationship between the GIC and parent stakeholders need to evolve to enable GICs to drive innovation, and how is this approach different from typical GICs?


Contingent Workforce Management

The contingent workforce is reinventing itself with the emergence of new types of talent, different talent engagement models, and the use of next-generation digital solutions. In the face of tremendous change, what practices and technologies are yielding the best outcomes for overall contingent workforce management? In particular,

  • What spend, talent, and supplier management practices should you adopt, and what capability changes do you need to make to succeed?
  • Which innovative practices are yielding the best results?
  • How are Pinnacle Enterprises leveraging technology to achieve optimal outcomes through their contingent workforce programs?



Recently Completed Pinnacle Model® Analyses

Enterprise Intelligent Automation

Automation-led business transformation has been at the top of most organizations’ agendas recently, and for good reason – an effective strategy to leverage intelligent automation (robotic process automation and artificial intelligence) can build sustainable competitive advantage. How do you maximize ROI and business value from your intelligent automation investments?


Sourcing Innovation

The current trifecta of rapidly evolving business demands, technology-led disruption, and focus on outcomes, is raising the stakes for innovation, making it a vital competency in all business functions, including procurement and sourcing. While these technology, process, talent, and organizational changes offer new opportunities for procurement, they also present new risks.


Data & Analytics Maturity in Shared Services/GICs

As technology adoption increases exponentially, organizations are confronted with the challenge of dealing with the proliferation of data that this technology generates. Increasingly, shared services centers or Global In-house Centers (GIC) are leading the efforts to tame data and derive insights from it. This research is aimed at identifying and understanding what Pinnacle, best-in-class, delivery centers are doing differently as they manage and use vast amounts of data – how have they built data & analytics capabilities and what business outcomes they have delivered to their organizations?


Building GIC Talent of the Future

Talent is becoming a critical component and differentiator for GICs as enterprises embark upon their digital journeys. How are GICs stepping up to address the need to transform and create future-proof talent management models? This analysis will look at how GICs can identify, develop, and retain skills critical for future service delivery, including best practices for building agile delivery teams and enabling talent management processes, how to create the right employee experience for the future, and how the GIC can maximize the ROI on talent investments.


Accelerating Customer Experience Through an Optimized Outsourced Contact Center Delivery Model

While most enterprises are leveraging Contact Center Outsourcing (CCO) providers to achieve their Customer Experience (CX) vison, only some enterprises have been able to build exceptional CX capabilities and derive strategic business outcomes, having partnered with their CCO service providers. Everest Group recognizes such Pinnacle Enterprises™ by assessing organizations’ CX outsourcing strategy on Everest Group’s proprietary Pinnacle Model®


Digital Maturity in GICs

The rise of next-generation technologies, such as mobility, analytics, cloud, automation, and other enabling technologies, offers GICs a unique opportunity to drive their enterprises’ digital agendas.


Digital Transformation Readiness

Your IT organization must be ready to reinvent the enterprise through digital technology that dramatically alters their customers’ experience and their business processes. To do so requires first a reinvention of the IT organization itself.