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  • 30 Apr 2020
    97 pages
    Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) – Service Provider Profile Compendium 2020 provides accurate, comprehensive, and fact-based snapshots of 19 RPO service providers. It offers a detailed profile of each RPO service provider, with a comprehensive…
  • 30 Apr 2020
    13 pages
    Everest Group’s Location Spotlight reports provide a crisp, insightful assessment of established and emerging/next-wave global services delivery locations by country and city. The reports help global sourcing practitioners or location strategy profes…
  • 30 Apr 2020
    38 pages
    PricePoint reports identify pricing trends for ITO and BPO deals through a comprehensive analysis of key demand-side, supply-side, and macroeconomic factors that impact pricing. Additionally, the reports include insights on contemporary outsourcing…
  • 30 Apr 2020
    15 pages
    Enterprises’ adoption of Intelligent Automation (IA) technologies has been increasing steadily over the past few years, realizing significant cost savings and efficiency improvements. However, the time it takes to achieve these results is relatively…
  • 30 Apr 2020
    27 pages
    On April 30, Everest Group moderated a webinar titled, "Webinar Deck: Corporate Resilience: Practical Approaches and New Management Mindsets." Executive leaders across the global business community have quickly addressed the immediate needs of their…