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  • 19 Aug 2021
    14 pages
    Market Report
    Everest Group’s Location Spotlight reports provide a crisp, insightful assessment of both established and emerging/next-wave global services delivery locations by country and city. The reports help global sourcing practitioners or location strategy…
  • 17 Aug 2021
    29 pages
    State of the Market Report
    Looking back at 2020, which was one of the most challenging years in recent history, probably the biggest learning is that the world (humans, businesses, and economies) is much more resilient than it was given credit for resilience. Amid what can be…
  • 17 Aug 2021
    35 pages
    On August 17, Everest Group hosted a webinar titled, "Application Services in 2021: Rate Hikes, Productized DevOps, and More?" Are your IT application services deals aligned with the current market dynamic? As rates rise, buyers and providers should…
  • 13 Aug 2021
    24 pages
    The enterprises’ adoption of automation technologies has been accelerating over the last few years. The COVID-19 pandemic has stress-tested organizations’ business continuity plans and forced enterprises to rethink their strategic priorities. The…
  • 13 Aug 2021
    20 pages
    This Snapshot is available only to Outsourcing Excellence members. For information on membership, please contact us The global services market is highly dynamic and evolving rapidly, a reality that is reflected in the shift in priorities from cost…