Post-COVID-19 Scenario – The Road Ahead for GBS Organizations

18 Sep 2020
by Prashray Kala, Bharath M, Aditi Bansal, Harshit Gupta

The COVID-19 outbreak has disrupted an already strained global economy, adding to the financial and operating woes of many enterprises. Isolations and lockdown measures to contain the spread of the virus have disrupted established supply chains and business operations. And while the crisis has impacted almost all industries, some have been hit harder than others such as logistics, travel, hospitality, and non-essential retail.

Over the past few years, Global Business Services (GBS) organizations and third-party service providers have been playing a key role in supporting enterprise operations. Challenges at the enterprise level, in the aftermath of the ongoing economic slowdown and pandemic, are impacting and will continue to impact these entities as well. However, the in-house model has matured over the years and developed greater resilience and value-adding differentiators.

This viewpoint aims to highlight enterprise priorities in the current scenario and their implications for GBS organizations.


All industries and geographies


In this report, we study:

  • Enterprise priority areas amid COVID-19
  • The role played by GBS organizations in these disruptive times
  • Perspectives around GBS divestitures
  • Differentiation levers that will further strengthen the GBS value proposition



Global Business Services (GBS) and Shared Services


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