European Digital Services Talent Handbook: Prepare for Digital Disruption

18 Jun 2019
by Anurag Srivastava, Parul Jain

Given the massive adoption of digital services that the global services industry has witnessed in the last few years, it is clear that the “future is digital.” As market players plan to walk up the transformation tightrope, they will need to relook at their location strategies and evolve into a delivery portfolio that aligns with the blueprint of their “Go Digital” agenda.

This handbook by Everest Group aims to support market players in their quest for supporting the right kind of digital services from the right place in the right way. It highlights the relative attractiveness of key European locations for supporting digital services based on a holistic and multi-faceted assessment covering 20+ parameters. At an overall level, this handbook covers the digital delivery attractiveness on two broad dimensions – Enablers and Digital Services Talent Pulse, described as below:

  • Enablers: Includes assessment of enabling drivers essential for delivery of digital services, based on 15+ parameters, grouped into four clusters
    • Infrastructure
    • Talent potential
    • Collaboration ecosystem
    • Business environment
  • Talent Pulse: Includes assessment of market maturity for delivery of digital services across three broad clusters
    • Adoption maturity
    • Competitive intensity
    • Financial feasibility

This report provides detailed and relative attractiveness of 17 European locations for digital services delivery. It focuses on the 10+ digital services (e.g., cloud, mobile, analytics, AI, and RPA) clustered into four segments – digital technology services, digital operations, advanced analytics, and emerging services. At an overall level, this handbook aims to support stakeholders that are evaluating European locations to deliver digital services and need actionable insights vis-à-vis internal business considerations such as type of services, cost savings, and proximity to business.


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Page Count: 47