Playbook for Successful Business Relationship Management (BRM) for GBS Organizations

17 Sep 2021
by Rohitashwa Aggarwal, Aditi Bansal

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As GBS organizations evolve from being “helpers” to “shapers” to “leaders” for their parent organizations, it is vital for them to proactively focus on Business Relationship Management (BRM) activities. In fact, many GBS organizations have successfully driven BRM activities to elevate the impact they deliver for the parent organization. This has also helped them emerge as strategic partners driving growth for their enterprises.

This report looks at the different ways in which GBS organizations define BRM, the various models they have adopted to drive BRM, benefits delivered to the parent, and a checklist of 15 things that GBS organizations should keep in mind for successful BRM. The study also features multiple case studies that reveal how leading GBS organizations manage BRM activities and the impact they deliver for the parent.


Industry: all

Geography: global


In this report, we:

  • Examine the evolving role of GBS organizations and its impact on Business Relationship Management (BRM)
  • Define BRM
  • Identify the drivers and inhibitors, and the impact of setting up BRM teams
  • Look at BRM adoption models and their prevalence among GBS organizations
  • Study the benefits of having a dedicated focus on BRM within GBS organizations
  • Feature case studies that showcase how leading GBS organizations manage BRM activities to elevate the impact they deliver for their parent organizations
  • Share a checklist for successful BRM

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