Skilling Strategies for GBS Organizations Pinnacle Model® Analysis 2021
Pinnacle Report

23 Jul 2021
by Sakshi Garg, Rohitashwa Aggarwal, Akshay Pandita, Samartha Agrawal

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Before COVID-19, organizations were already struggling with future-proofing their talent models due to new digital technologies, rising consumer expectations, increasing demand for analytics, and rapidly transforming business models. COVID-19 exacerbated the need to be future-ready in light of changing employee preferences and aspirations.

In this new scenario and amid increasing talent mobility, realigning employee skills to emerging business needs and future opportunities is the only viable way for enterprises to attain the necessary skill base to remain competitive. Many organizations have been undertaking focused skilling efforts to future-proof their talent models. However, there is limited understanding of what factors create an effective and scaled skilling program.

In this study, we demonstrate how a few best-in-class or Pinnacle GBS firms have been able to drive better outcomes by honing their skilling capabilities. Whether they make incremental changes or achieve major transformation, Pinnacle GBS firms exemplify the way to success.


  • In this research, we analyze the skilling approaches of 40 GBS organizations across five key capability areas (vision & strategy, team structure & composition, program design, execution & engagement, and infrastructure & investment) and three types of outcomes (cost, operational, and business)
  • All industries and geographies


In this report, we:

  • Study the differentiators for Pinnacle GBS firms
  • Examine the key implications for GBS organizations
  • Assess the capability maturity of GBS organizations
  • Assess skilling outcomes and impact created

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