Strategic Supplier Management Pinnacle Model® Analysis 2021
Pinnacle Model Report

20 May 2021
by Amy Fong, Bhanushee Malhotra

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Organizations classify their supply base into multiple levels to drive their supplier relationship management strategies, with the top tier of suppliers comprising those with the most strategic role in business success and on top of the priority pyramid based on their capabilities, size, spend, and revenue impact. Strategic suppliers are fundamental to generate savings, manage risks, and create a requisitioner channel strategy, thereby creating a positive internal user experience.

The end goal of a robust supplier management strategy is to allocate resources to the most strategic suppliers . A few best-in-class or Pinnacle Enterprises™ have been able to drive better outcomes by honing their strategic supplier management capabilities – including costs, operations, and overall business and strategic impact. Whether they make incremental changes or achieve major transformation, Pinnacle Enterprises™ exemplify the way to success.

This report provides insights into Pinnacle Enterprises’ capabilities and outcomes achieved to help CPOs, vendor management leaders, and procurement professionals understand what best-in-class means in strategic supplier management.


Domain: strategic supplier management

All industries and geographies


In this report, we focus on:

  • Study the differentiators for Pinnacle Enterprises™
  • Examine the key implications for enterprises
  • Assess outcomes driven by strategic supplier management
  • Assess capability maturity across supply base stratification, governance, technology, performance management, risk management, and innovation

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