Services Sourcing Organizational Maturity | Pinnacle Model® Analysis

18 Nov 2020
by Amy Fong, Bhanushee Malhotra

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The procurement function is at various stages in its services sourcing journey – many organizations have robust capabilities in domains such as category management, information and analytics, stakeholder alignment, talent management, and technology enablement. A few best-in-class or Pinnacle Enterprises™ have been able to drive better outcomes by honing these capabilities – including cost, operational, and overall business and strategic impact. The journeys of these companies provide insights into how effectively enterprises can improve their services sourcing practices to achieve desired outcomes.

As procurement organizations become strategic partners / trusted advisors aligned with their organizational goals and objectives, leaders are tasked with maximizing business value and minimizing the total cost of ownership when sourcing and acquiring goods and services. Whether they want to make incremental changes or achieve major transformation, Pinnacle Enterprises™ exemplify the way to success. This report provides insights into the capabilities and outcomes achieved by Pinnacle Enterprises to help CPOs and procurement professionals understand what best-in-class means in services sourcing.


All industries and geographies

Categories: indirect services categories including IT and telecom, engineering and industry-specific services, contingent workforce, professional services, facilities, Business Process Outsourcing (BPO), HR, marketing and sales, and legal services


In this research, we study the following topics:

  • Differentiators for Pinnacle Enterprises™
  • Key implications for enterprises
  • How to accelerate your services sourcing journey
  • An assessment of outcomes
  • An assessment of capability maturity

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