Top 10 SD-WAN Trailblazers: The Missing “Link” in Enterprise Digital Transformation Story

5 Nov 2019
by Ashwin Venkatesan, Mukesh Ranjan, Titus M, Gaurav Karnaney

Enterprise IT imperatives are evolving to include cloud computing, DevOps for application development, container adoption, and cloud-based collaboration tools. Enterprise connectivity demands are also moving away from the traditional hub-and-spoke delivery model to direct connectivity to the cloud. To serve these demands, Software Defined Wide Area Network (SD-WAN) is emerging as a key transformation lever to enable direct connectivity from remote sites to the cloud, typically through the internet.

Recognizing the opportunity, multiple start-ups have emerged to serve this space and drive innovation across network segments through next-generation orchestration, cloud-based security, analytics, and automation.

In this research, we discuss the latest trends in the SD-WAN market and assess start-ups that provide SD-WAN solutions, focusing on their innovations, growth stories, and market impact. We present detailed profiles of 10 SD-WAN start-ups providing services and solutions such as edge SD-WAN appliances, multi-cloud connectivity, enhanced application performance, branch platforms, optimized bandwidth usage, cloud security, and managed SD-WAN. Each start-up profile provides a comprehensive picture of its technology capabilities, market growth, and perceived investor confidence.

Scope of the analysis

In this research, we share research-backed trends impacting the SD-WAN market, evaluate the role of start-ups in the SD-WAN ecosystem, and assess the following SD-WAN vendor start-ups: 128 Technology, Aryaka Networks, Bigleaf Networks, Cato Networks, CloudGenix, Innucloud, Multiapplied Networks, SimpleWAN, Versa Networks, and Zenlayer.


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