Human Capital Management (HCM) Landscape in Asia Pacific – Opportunities Abound

18 Apr 2019
by Priyanka Mitra

The HR business function is undergoing a plethora of dramatic changes. Charged with becoming more strategic, HR business function must become exponentially more tech-savvy and simultaneously more focused on the softer aspects of people management. Today's workers demand different experiences from their jobs and the concept of employee experience is at the forefront of all HR decisions.

In response to this, as well as several other forces, the HR technology market is exploding with new HR tools. Within the gamut of HR technology tools available, HCM systems, with their ability to cover a comprehensive set of processes across the hire-to-retire value chain, have become nearly synonymous with the HR function. HCM systems have allowed enterprises to save tremendous amounts of money, effort, and time. Consequent to this demand, the global HCM market has been witnessing exponential growth. Geographies such as Asia Pacific and Latin America are emerging as rising stars due to the immense potential they have. This paper deep-dives further into the dynamically heterogenous Asia Pacific market and explores the HCM landscape in this geography. It also provides insights on the various home-grown and global HCM players operating in this region.


Human Resources Outsourcing (HRO)


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