Supply Chain Excellence – Demystifying the Digitalization Journey

5 Apr 2018
by H. Karthik, Chirajeet Sengupta, Ronak Doshi, Mayank Maria

The wave of digitalization in the supply chain domain is striking so aggressively that it is becoming difficult to assimilate and keep pace with. Disruptive technologies in the physical world – e.g., next-generation robotics and autonomous vehicles – now integrate with analytical technologies such as big data analytics, sensors, blockchain, and other virtual solutions to create a dynamic construct never witnessed in this space.

However, relatively few companies have been able to unlock the full potential of digital technologies so far. Everest Group believes most of the disparity between the potential and actual gains from supply chain digitalization can be attributed primarily to technology gaps and management choices.

This report explores the journey to supply chain digitalization excellence by highlighting key facts and insights on following key questions:

  • Where do enterprises stand in their supply chain digitalization journey?
  • What are the key dimensions of a digital supply chain? What kinds of technologies are enterprises adopting today?
  • What are the digital investment preferences for enterprises? Invest directly or outsource to technology integrators / third-party service providers?
  • Where are the hot areas of investment for enterprises in their journey of supply chain digitalization? What benefits do they expect to reap from these investments?
  • How should an enterprise evaluate its supply chain maturity level? What should an enterprise do to avoid getting left behind in the digital supply chain race?
  • What are the steps a service provider should adopt to effectively respond to the demand trends in supply chain digital transformation?
  • The scope of the report

    • Industry: Engineering Services (ES)
    • ES segments:
      • Software products
      • Mechanical (automotive, aerospace, defence, and marine)
      • Hi-tech (semiconductors, telecom, consumer electronics, and computing systems)
      • Industrial, energy, chemicals, and natural resources
    • Geography: Global


    Engineering Services


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