Startups Redefining Talent Acquisition (TA) – Trailblazers

18 Oct 2018
by Arkadev Basak, Vishal Gupta, Krishna Charan, Ranjith Reddy

The global Talent Acquisition (TA) industry is undergoing a tremendous change, driven by an influx of tools and technologies built on the emerging digital technology landscape. “Startups Redefining Talent Acquisition – Trailblazers” is the third of a three-part series of reports outlining Everest Group’s take on the impact of emerging digital technologies in the TA space. This paper identifies and analyzes 450+ startups in the TA space to arrive at a list of 50 high potential startups, and subsequently, a list of 25 top startups (also called “trailblazers”) in the TA space.

The following information is analyzed and captured in the report:

  • Digital disruption and the role of tech startups in the TA space: The paper focuses on the role of startups in pushing the envelope in TA, the drivers behind the rapid growth in the TA tech startup ecosystem, and also how different stakeholders are engaging with the TA startup community
  • Key startups driving disruption: The paper identifies and analyzes 450+ startups across the entire value chain of TA, categorized under five distinct areas: candidate attraction, candidate/vendor sourcing & screening, candidate assessment, candidate engagement, and analytics & insights. The 450+ startups were evaluated to arrive at a list of 50 high potential startups, and subsequently, a list of 25 “trailblazers” in the TA space.
  • Assessment of key TA startups: The assessment was done using various parameters around investments/funding received by these startups, the market impact & success garnered, and the technological capabilities & expertise of the startups identified. The report also provides profiles for trailblazers, with a qualitative & quantitative commentary on their market success, technology expertise, and investor confidence.


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