Strategic IT Workforce Development Pinnacle Model® Assessment 2022
Pinnacle Report

21 Dec 2021
by Ashwin Venkatesan, Vaibhav Marichetty

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The demand-supply gap for next-generation IT services skills has been a huge talking point for enterprises over the past few years. It is evident that the persistent skills shortage has only been exacerbated by an increasing digital transformation spend and pent-up business demand following the pandemic.

Despite enterprises using known offensive (attraction) and defensive (retention) tactics, there is a demand-supply gap for critical roles in cloud, data, automation, agile, and security across regions. Compensation corrections and counter offers, bonuses, flexible location options, or job rotations are keeping companies in the talent race, but more ingenious measures are needed. Enterprises require a holistic strategy to attract the required talent and engage and retain existing employees to win the IT talent war.

Everest Group conducted an extensive study to identify best-in-class or Pinnacle IT workforce development strategies at leading global organizations to analyze the current and future approaches to IT workforce development and the evolution of investment themes and implementation practices across the IT workforce life cycle, which can yield better business outcomes for enterprises.


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