Future of Work-From-Home in GBS | Separating Hype from Reality
Thematic Report

18 May 2021
by Rohitashwa Aggarwal, Hisham Rizvi

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COVID-19 has fundamentally altered the Work From Home (WFH) proposition for global organizations, prompting a shift from opportunistic leverage in 2020 to rapid integration within the future delivery model strategy. As the world starts to look beyond COVID-19, both employer and employee preferences will change, and so will the approach to WFH.
The report will be relevant for a broad set of stakeholders – buyers / parent organizations, service providers, Global Business Services (GBS) organizations, and industry influencers, such as investors and industry bodies.


This report is based on a primary analysis of 100+ GBS organizations / Global In-house Centers (GICs) / shared services centers of leading global organizations, and synthesizes learnings and best practices that can be leveraged to design a future-ready WFH strategy.


In this report, we provide an in-depth analysis of the WFH strategy adopted by leading global organizations, including extent of adoption, key design elements, approach to integrate WFH in future GBS delivery models, emerging trends, best practices, and use cases. The study concludes with six key elements to build a future-ready WFH strategy for GBS organizations.


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