Enterprise Platform Services – Renewal Opportunity for Service Providers

22 Feb 2021
by Yugal Joshi, Abhishek Mundra, Ankita Upadhyay

The analysis presented in this report is based on Everest Group’s Enterprise Platform Services (EPS) deals database. The database captures 4,500+ active deals with enterprise platform IT outsourcing services in scope across major enterprise platform technology vendors – SAP, Oracle, Microsoft, Salesforce, Adobe, Workday, Sage, Infor, ServiceNow, and Pegasystems, among others.

The focus of this research is on 534 deals that will come up for renewal in next two years. Renewals provide an opportunity to the non-incumbent players to expand their wallet shares amid disruptive factors such as saturation, slowing growth rate, and new and more agile competitors. The analysis covers the overall EPS renewal opportunity and vendor-specific deep dives for SAP, Oracle, and Salesforce.

Key findings:

  • The enterprise platform market will provide a total renewal opportunity of US$2.8 billion
  • Around 52% of the deals (by TCV) up for renewal are based out of Europe (including UK), followed by 29% based out of North America
  • Manufacturing will provide the highest opportunity of US$570 million, closely followed by BFSI with US$555 million over the next two years
  • Services for SAP will provide the highest renewal opportunity of US$504 million, followed by Salesforce with US$378 million, and Oracle with US$332 million over the next two years


This research analyzes global renewals in the Enterprise Platform Services (EPS) space coming up in the next two years (2021-2022).


In this report, we:

  • Analyze EPS deals to be renewed in the future
  • Carry out vertical, geographical, and scope-based analysis
  • Study vendor specific renewal opportunity for Oracle, SAP, and Salesforce


Enterprise Platform Services (EPS)

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