Data Modernization – The Backbone of a Future-ready Enterprise

30 Jul 2021
by Vishal Gupta, Deepthi Mudunooru, Siddharth Rawat

Data has become a key enterprise asset, which enterprises are utilizing to drive insights-based decision-making to stay competitive. As enterprises attempt to ease the process of deriving insights, they are faced with the challenge of aligning the capabilities of legacy data systems with an exponential growth in data. With an ever-increasing focus on driving digital transformation initiatives after the COVID-19 pandemic and amid higher IoT adoption, the gaps are expected to widen.

To democratize data, enterprises need to re-evaluate their current data estate and approach to analytics, and shift to modern data solutions and architecture. In this viewpoint, we study and examine the possibilities of data modernization, as it helps organizations to continuously chase the shifting target of ever-growing data.


All industries and geographies


In this report, we:

  • Examine data modernization and its advantages
  • Investigate the evolution of the data ecosystem and its future in the cloud
  • Identify distinct approaches to data modernization, highlighting selection parameters to enable an enterprise choose the best approach
  • Understand key considerations in initiating the modernization journey


Data & Analytics

Sourcing and Vendor Management


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