Analytics and AI Services Specialists PEAK Matrix® Assessment 2021
PEAK Matrix® Report

25 Nov 2021
by Vishal Gupta, Deepthi Mudunooru, Pravina Jayaraman

Enterprise adoption of outcomes-based advanced analytics and Artificial Intelligence (AI) is rapidly rising. However, organizations are unable to achieve the complete benefit of these initiatives due to data-related challenges, a shortage of analytics and AI talent in the market, and the lack of organizational readiness to adopt new technologies. To address these challenges, enterprises are looking for service providers with strong domain knowledge and expertise in advanced technologies.

Analytics and AI services specialists are well-positioned to help enterprises adopt and scale initiatives due to their proactive investments in data engineering capabilities, in-depth experience in catering to domain- or industry-specific analytics requirements, and investments in acquiring and upskilling advanced analytics and AI talent.

In this research, we analyze the global analytics and AI services specialists’ landscape and position the service providers on Everest Group’s Analytics and AI Services Specialists PEAK Matrix® 2021. We also share our perspectives on the strengths and limitations of each specialist.


  • Services across the analytics and AI services value chain – strategy & consulting, Business Intelligence (BI) and reporting, advanced analytics & insights, data engineering, and AI
  • Coverage across 15 analytics and AI services specialists
  • All major industries and functional areas
  • Geography: global


This report examines the global analytics and AI services market and positions relevant specialists on the Everest Group Analytics and AI Services Specialists PEAK Matrix® 2021. The study provides insights into changing market dynamics and Everest Group’s analysis of the specialists’ strengths and limitations.


Data & Analytics

Sourcing and Vendor Management


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