Achieving Business Agility in GBS Organizations

26 Feb 2021
by Sakshi Garg, Harshit Gupta

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GBS organizations need to rapidly adapt to continuous changes in the external environment in a productive and cost-efficient manner. They are starting to showcase dynamic capabilities in quickly identifying and adapting to new challenges and opportunities by leveraging a Lean-Agile mindset.

This Everest Group accelerator helps GBS organizations identify benefits of being agile and understand types and characteristics of an agile GBS organization. It also highlights Everest Group’s GBS agility assessment framework, some common pitfalls to avoid in the agility journey, and a case study to enable organizations to kickstart/accelerate their agile initiative.


  • All industries and geographies
  • Services: IT and business process services


  • Defining business agility
  • Benefits of being agile
  • Four types of agile GBS organizations
  • Characteristics of an agile GBS organization
  • Everest Group’s GBS agility assessment framework
  • Ten common pitfalls to avoid in the agility journey
  • Case study

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