Reaching New Frontiers in Experience-centricity and Resilience: Software Product Engineering Service Provider Compendium 2021
Service Provider Compendium

7 May 2021
by Akshat Vaid, Mayank Maria, Nishant Udupa, Shivank Narula, Nitish Dayal

Software-driven innovation has helped evolve products, platforms, and processes across multiple domains. However, it has also created multiple challenges for enterprises in the form of:

  • Developing robust and secure products
  • Ensuring speed-to-market, differentiation, and user-experience-centricity
  • Keeping pace with ever-evolving software products and changing customer expectations
  • Leveraging data to generate new revenue streams and drive efficiencies

To help enterprises deal with these challenges and develop products focused on experience enhancement, engineering service providers are playing the role of strategic partners.

This report examines the dynamics of the global software product engineering service provider market and presents detailed profiles of 31 leading engineering service providers featured on Everest Group’s Software Product Engineering PEAK Matrix®. Each profile provides a comprehensive picture of the service provider’s focus on software product engineering services, key Intellectual Property (IP) / solutions, buyer case studies, partnerships, and domain investments. The report also includes our insights on enterprise sourcing considerations for each service provider.


  • Industry: software product engineering services
  • Geography: global


This report features 31 software product engineering service provider profiles, each of which includes:

  • Key strengths and limitations of each of the 31 software product engineering services providers featured in our PEAK Matrix assessment
  • An overview of the providers’ software product engineering services business and offerings – vision & strategy, software product engineering services revenue and YoY growth, and adoption across verticals, geographies, value chain elements, and buyer sizes
  • An assessment of case studies, IP/solutions, partnerships, and domain investments


Engineering Services

Sourcing and Vendor Management


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