Process Orchestration – State of the Market Report 2022
State of the Market Report

18 Oct 2021
by Amardeep Modi, Samikshya Meher, Santhosh Kumar, Raghav Khanna

Everest Group defines process orchestration as a software product that helps business users design, execute, and monitor end-to-end business processes. Such solutions enable enterprises to orchestrate the flow of work across human and digital workers, such as Robotic Process Automation (RPA), Intelligent Document Processing (IDP), and conversational Artificial Intelligence (AI), as well as enterprise applications in long-running workflows.

Process orchestration has become an integral part of the intelligent automation space and experienced strong growth over recent years. Process orchestration solutions are rapidly evolving in the sophistication of their capabilities, features, and functionalities and find a range of use cases in different business functions/verticals. These solutions not only help enterprises achieve cost savings and operational efficiencies by optimizing the end-to-end process, but also improve hybrid workforce management and customer experience.

This research provides process orchestration buyers, software providers, and third-party enablers (service providers and system integrators) a detailed view of the process orchestration market and analyses it across dimensions including market size and adoption trends, solution characteristics, product capabilities, enterprise case studies, technology provider landscape, and the outlook for 2021-22.


  • All geographies and industries
  • Process orchestration software products that are available for independent licensing have been considered for this report
  • We have assessed the following technology providers as part of this report: Appian, AuraQuantic, Decisions, Enate, FireStart, FlexRule, GBTEC, JobRouter, Kissflow, Kofax, Nintex, PMG, Tonkean, and Ultimus


In this report, we study:

  • Overview of process orchestration
  • Process orchestration market and adoption trends
  • Process orchestration adoption by enterprises
  • Process orchestration solution characteristics
  • Process orchestration product capabilities
  • Process orchestration provider landscape
  • Outlook for 2021-22


Service Optimization Technologies (SOT)

Sourcing and Vendor Management


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