The Communications, Media, and Technology Transformation Handbook

26 Nov 2021
by Chirajeet Sengupta, Arunesh Saami Nagesh

Digital transformation has established itself as a driving force in today’s economy, profoundly impacting people, processes, and technology innovation. In recent years, enterprises have undertaken numerous digital transformation initiatives to improve business models, drive operational efficiencies, and enhance stakeholder experiences.

While Communications, Media, and Technology (CMT) enterprises understand the potential of these initiatives, most have realized only partial success through them because of their over-reliance on technology without the necessary changes to the organizational structure, people strategies, and processes.

For an enterprise to be able to scale digitally, it must go beyond technology change and adopt a comprehensive approach that re-imagines all of its foundational levers: people, processes, and technology. This report provides Everest Group’s perspectives on accelerating digital transformation in the global CMT industry.


Industry: CMT

Geography: global


In this report, we share our insights on scaling digital transformation in CMT organizations and show:

  • How to build a holistic digital transformation strategy
  • How to address the demand-supply gap for next-generation IT skills
  • How to set up the organization for it to become agile and flexible by design
  • How to address scalability challenges within your technology ecosystem


Digital Services

Sourcing and Vendor Management


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