Artificial Intelligence (AI) Services – State of the Market Report 2021 | Scale the AI Summit Through Democratization
State of the Market Report

14 Jan 2021
by Nitish Mittal, Alisha Mittal, Nisha Krishan, Uthra K, Arushi Pandey

Artificial Intelligence (AI) adoption has been on the rise, with the technology increasingly becoming synonymous with digital transformation. While the transition from Proof of Concepts (POCs) to production was already under way, the pandemic further accelerated this shift. A new set of use cases, such as touchless AI operations, social distancing solutions, and behavior drift analysis, have further increased enterprise spend on AI.

However, as enterprises aim to scale the technology, they are presented with numerous challenges. A burgeoning skills gap, the lack of proven RoI, concerns around privacy and regulations, and the black box nature of the technology act as journey impediments. Among all, talent continues to remain the key challenge for firms.

To overcome the expanding talent gap, enterprises need to invest in democratizing AI, ensuring that the technology is accessible to all. Organizations also need to focus on contextualization, change management, and governance to ensure responsible and successful democratization.


All industries and geographies


This report assesses AI adoption levels among enterprises, outlining their spend by geography, industry, and organization function. The report also highlights the various challenges enterprises face in their AI adoption journeys, with talent availability emerging as the primary hurdle in scaling AI initiatives. We recommend the democratization of AI as a means to mitigate the AI talent gap and provide a roadmap to achieve this democratization.


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