Collections of the Future

8 Sep 2021
by Robin Jain, Akanksha Pathak

The debt collections space has remained unchanged for ages, with the call-and-collect method working quite well for lenders until recently. However, with changing borrower demographics and borrowers becoming more digitally savvy, phone calls are increasingly providing an extremely low Return on Investment (RoI). More recently, with the pandemic causing a significant spike in delinquent loans and a shift to the remote working model, the traditional approach poses operational challenges too. Different borrowers have different circumstances and their motivations to repay differ significantly too.

This study explores the traditional debt collections process and the challenges associated with it. It underscores the various drivers for change in the collections program. We also explore how collections of the future should be designed and how different digital levers can be leveraged to achieve this change. We conclude by highlighting some of the key considerations for lenders as they embark on the journey to create a futuristic collections model.


Industry: Banking and Financial Services (BFS)

Geography: global


In this research, we examine:

  • The traditional collections process
  • The need for collections to evolve
  • Collections of the future
  • Considerations for lenders as they design a future-ready collections model

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