A Practical Approach to Total Talent Acquisition (TTA)

26 Feb 2021
by Arkadev Basak, Aniruddha Kulkarni, Krishna Charan

While Total Talent Acquisition (TTA) as a concept has been around for several years, it is seeing renewed interest from enterprises in the wake of the pandemic. In simple terms, TTA takes an integrated view of all talent and talent alternatives intended to help an enterprise achieve the maximum Return on Investment (ROI) on its talent resources through complete alignment with business strategies and objectives. While TTA promises several tangible benefits on paper, actual adoption has been limited due to several challenges. Achieving TTA is an evolutionary process, which takes time and effort, keeping in mind enterprise-specific nuances. However, to initiate the journey and evolve their talent acquisition functions toward TTA, enterprises need to take up certain key steps that will chart the necessary path.

This paper offers approaches that either act as stopgap arrangements or key initial steps that can produce some benefits and eventually pave the way for complete adoption of TTA.


Industry: Talent Acquisition (TA) outsourcing (RPO & CWM)
Geography: global


In this paper, we provide an enterprise guide on a practical approach to achieve TTA, across the following sections:

  • What is Total Talent Acquisition (TTA) and why TTA?
  • Current TTA adoption scenario (in outsourced situations)
  • A practical approach to achieve TTA
  • Implications for enterprises for achieving TTA


Contingent Workforce Management


Sourcing and Vendor Management


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