Outplacement and Career Transition Services PEAK Matrix® Assessment 2022
PEAK Matrix® Report

12 Nov 2021
by Aniruddha Kulkarni, Sailesh Hota, Utkarsh Chaudhary

The outplacement and career transition services industry has experienced strong growth over the last decade, with demand accelerating during 2020 because of the volatile employment situation across industries. In an effort to preserve employer brand, enterprises have shifted focus to provide employees with the necessary support they require as they undergo any transition due to employment uncertainty. Career transition support is also a great way to ensure that employees receive the right kind of professional and personal support during the transition period.

This report examines the market dynamics of the global outplacement and career transitions industry in 2020 and maps 16 service providers on Everest Group’s Outplacement and Career Transition Services PEAK Matrix® evaluation. We recognize these providers as Leaders, Major Contenders, and Aspirants in the field based on their offerings and capabilities. The report will assist buyers in choosing the right-fit service provider to address their needs, while service providers will be able to benchmark themselves against their competitors.




The report analyzes the performance of 16 outplacement and career transition service providers and includes:

  • The outplacement and career transition service provider landscape
  • The Outplacement and Career Transition PEAK Matrix® assessment for 2021
  • Everest Group’s critical analysis of the service providers
    • Overall service provider outplacement and career transition capabilities assessed by evaluating the providers on seven dimensions: market adoption, portfolio mix, value delivered, scope of services offered, innovation & investments, delivery footprint, and vision & strategy


Human Resources

Sourcing and Vendor Management


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