Digital Adoption Platform (DAP) – Technology Vendor Compendium 2022
Service Provider Compendium

29 Oct 2021
by Sharath Hari N, Anwesha Chakraborty, Rachita Mehrishi

Digital Adoption Platform (DAP) – Technology Vendor Profile Compendium 2022 is a companion to Everest Group’s recently published Digital Adoption Platform (DAP) Products PEAK Matrix® Assessment with Technology Vendor Landscape 2021 report. The compendium provides comprehensive and fact-based snapshots of 18 DAP vendors. Each profile provides an overview of the technology vendor, its products, key clients and partnerships, and client portfolio across geographies, industries, and buyer sizes, along with product capabilities and key developments. In addition, each profile includes the technology vendor’s positioning on the Everest Group PEAK Matrix® and offers a robust analysis of its capabilities.

The compendium will enable technology vendors to benchmark their strengths and limitations against their competitors and assist buyers and potential buyers of DAP in assessing the vendors on their desired set of capabilities.


Coverage across all industries, geographies, end-user focus areas (employee vs. customer), and platforms (browser, native mobile, desktops)


Each technology vendor profile includes the following details:

  • Company overview
  • Recent investments and announcements
  • Market adoption and capability overview
  • Client portfolio mix
  • Partnerships
  • Product overview
  • Product features and functionalities, and key enhancements
  • Measure of capabilities across PEAK Matrix® dimensions
  • Key strengths and limitations


Human Resources

Service Optimization Technologies (SOT)

Sourcing and Vendor Management


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