Cloud Management Platform Trailblazers: Top 10 Start-ups Creating Buzz in the Market

12 Oct 2020
by Yugal Joshi, Alisha Mittal, Abhishek Mundra, AS Yamohiadeen, Sangamesh Kadagad

Enterprises are embracing cloud services from diverse vendors to get best-in-class services, mitigate risks, and avoid vendor lock-in. This poses a challenge, as every cloud platform is based on its unique, customized architecture, which is not compatible with other cloud services. Enterprises find it difficult to have a unified view of their cloud services portfolio and fail to utilize all available cloud resources to their fullest potential.

Recognizing this gap, multiple cloud management start-ups have emerged in the past decade. These start-ups are constantly innovating to provide quick out-of-the-box solutions, optimize cloud resources, improve cloud operations, and avoid vendor lock-in, among other services.

In this research, we present an assessment of 10 cloud management platform start-ups that offer cloud management platforms, primarily focusing on their innovations, growth stories, and market impact. We analyze these start-ups across the following key dimensions:

  • Vision and strategy
  • Technological capabilities
  • Market success
  • Investor confidence


Technology: cloud management platform

Geography: global

Companies assessed: CloudBolt, CloudCheckr, CoreStack, HyperGrid, Morpheus Data, OpsRamp, Rackware, Scalr, Turbonomic, and vCom Solutions


The report covers the following topics:

  • Adoption of cloud management platforms: enterprise-centric benefits of cloud management platforms, trade-off assessment before adopting cloud management platforms, and market activity overview in the cloud management domain
  • Assessment of key cloud management platform start-ups: assessment methodology for arriving at the top 10 cloud management start-up trailblazers and individual profiles of the start-ups


Enterprise Platform Services (EPS)

Sourcing and Vendor Management


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