Platform-based Modernization of Healthcare Payers

2 Sep 2020
by Abhishek Singh, Chunky Satija, Kanika Gupta, Anshul Yadav

Enterprises have made digital adoption the bedrock of their growth strategies in recent years to optimize processes, reduce costs, and deliver better customer experience, all in the pursuit of higher revenue growth and better operational efficiencies. The healthcare payer industry is no exception. Modernizing legacy systems is the need of the hour for healthcare payers and requires immediate attention, with evolving market needs and upcoming regulatory changes.

Available point solution vendors are stepping up their game to provide best-of-breed capabilities to payers. Although point solutions are cost-effective, having disparate plug-and-play point solutions results in high cost of ownership and complex and fragmented payer technology ecosystems. Hence, to implement enterprise-wide operational and business transformation, payers are taking a platform-led approach.

This report examines the current state of healthcare payers and emphasizes the need for modernization. It focuses on how core administration platforms provide the right push and support in driving payers' modernization initiatives.


Geography: global (with focus on the US)

Industry: healthcare payer

Services: healthcare payer solutions


The report focuses on the following topics:

  • State of payers
  • Platform-led modernization approach for healthcare payer
  • Key platform vendor landscape
  • Modernization roadmap and approach


Healthcare IT Services (ITS)


Page Count: 33