Process Mining State of the Market Report 2020

30 Jun 2020
by Amardeep Modi, Utkarsh Shahdeo

Everest Group defines process mining as a technique that leverages software products or solutions to examine and analyze process-related information captured in event logs generated by enterprise systems such as ERP, CRM, and SCM to discover processes and generate process maps. It is rapidly gaining traction across industries and geographies, as more enterprises become aware of its benefits. Process mining solutions not only help enterprises achieve cost savings and operational efficiencies by optimizing processes, but also enhance employee experience through better resource allocation.

However, process mining is a burgeoning market, with technologies that are relatively new to many potential buyers in terms of product features, deployment options, training and support, partner ecosystem, and commercial models. The technologies are also evolving, with an expanding feature set and increasing richness of functionality.

This research provides process mining buyers, software vendors, and third-party enablers (service providers, system integrators, etc.) a detailed view of the current state of the market and analyzes it across various dimensions, including market size and adoption trends, buyer satisfaction, product capabilities and trends, solution characteristics, vendor landscape, challenges to process mining adoption, and the outlook for 2020-21.


  • All geographies and industries
  • Process mining products that are sold on license, irrespective of any ongoing business or IT process outsourcing or managed services
  • We have analyzed the following technology vendors as part of this report: ABBYY Timeline, Apromore, Celonis, Everflow, Lana Labs, Logpickr, Minit, myInvenio, PAFnow, Puzzle Data, QPR Software, Software AG, and UiPath process mining (earlier ProcessGold)


In this research, we study the following topics:

  • Introduction to process mining
  • Process mining market size and adoption trends
  • Buyer expectations and barriers to adoption
  • Process mining solution characteristics
  • Process mining technology trends
  • Desktop Process Mining (DPM) market overview
  • Process mining vendor landscape
  • Outlook for 2020-21


Service Optimization Technologies (SOT)


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