Engineering Services Skills Handbook: Preparing for Next Wave of Growth in Global ER&D

22 Jul 2020
by Parul Jain, Anish Agarwal, Harshit Gupta

In recent years, customer experience and digitalization of products and processes have taken centerstage in the engineering services domain. Enterprises continue to invest in emerging technologies such as AI, blockchain, and 5G and combine them with traditional engineering areas to create connected and intelligent products and enhanced services/operations. However, market players including enterprises, Global Engineering Centers (GECs), and service providers face challenges in identifying the right locations that can provide quality infrastructure, meet talent requirements, and act as a collaborative ecosystem for the delivery of product engineering services. Therefore, it is imperative for them to review their location strategies and develop a delivery portfolio that aligns with the blueprint of their go-to-market agenda.

This Everest Group handbook helps market players identify the right location to support engineering services delivery by studying more than 15 parameters across five skill clusters – software, embedded, mechanical, design & research, and exponential technologies. It highlights the relative attractiveness of leading global locations for supporting engineering services based on a comprehensive and multi-faceted assessment. The handbook analyzes engineering delivery attractiveness on two broad dimensions, Enablers and Engineering Services Talent Pulse, as described below:

  • Enablers: Includes an assessment of enabling drivers essential for delivering engineering services, based on 10+ parameters, grouped into four clusters:
    • Infrastructure
    • Talent potential
    • Collaboration ecosystem
    • Business environment
  • Talent Pulse: Includes an assessment of market maturity for delivering engineering services, based on more than five parameters, grouped into three broad clusters:
    • Adoption maturity
    • Competitive intensity
    • Financial feasibility


The handbook analyzes the engineering delivery attractiveness of 18 delivery locations across major geographies and industries for software, embedded, mechanical, design & research, and exponential technologies.


This report provides detailed and relative assessment of 18 engineering services delivery locations globally. It will help stakeholders that are evaluating locations to deliver engineering services and need actionable insights based on an assessment of multiple parameters, including talent potential, cost savings, and business ecosystem.


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