Retail & CPG Global Business Services in the Times of COVID-19 – Driving Enterprise Immunity through Digital

23 Jun 2020
by Bharath M, Ranjith Reddy

In the past couple of years, Global Business Services (GBS) have experienced strong growth in the retail and Consumer Product Goods (CPG) space, with both new GBS setups and expansion of existing ones. GBS centers are currently supporting their enterprises in several critical aspects of service delivery, with a few centers having evolved to become strategic partners for their parent firms.

However, the past few months were particularly challenging for retail and CPG firms in the light of the COVID-19 outbreak, which hit the sector with both demand- and supply-side shocks. At the same time, this situation has been a blessing in disguise for many GBS centers, which have showcased their capability to quickly adapt to new and more agile operating models.

As these GBS centers look to increase their support to enterprises, it is important to understand the GBS market landscape to identify opportunity areas, keeping in mind the potential implications of COVID-19.


The report is based on Everest Group’s ongoing interactions with retail and CPG parent enterprise and GBS stakeholders, our proprietary GBS database (the industry’s most comprehensive database on GBS centers), and our experience in providing thought leadership in the global sourcing space.

The report will be relevant for a broad set of stakeholders interested in understanding the global delivery of services from retail and CPG GBS firms at offshore/nearshore locations, including parent organizations, GBS organizations, industry influencers (e.g., investors and industry bodies), and others.


This report is divided into three key sections:

  • Retail and CPG GBS market landscape at offshore/nearshore locations: overall GBS landscape at offshore locations in terms of center setups, growth, sourcing geographies, and key delivery locations
  • Assessment of service segments among offshore/nearshore GBS: insights into service delivery maturity of core functions such as sales and marketing and supply chain management; also covers the state of digital adoption trends and key emerging themes at offshore GBS centers
  • Outlook and implications for retail and CPG GBS: implications of COVID-19 on GBS centers at offshore/nearshore locations and opportunity areas for GBS organizations




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