Upcoming Contract Renewals – Application Services

13 Mar 2020
by Preetam Dutt Koka, Prasun Dey, Supriya Rajpal, Riya Munjal

Every year, a large proportion of the sourced services market returns to the planning/negotiating table with the expiry of contracts. Most of these deals have been originally procured via a competitive process involving Request for Proposals (RFPs), capability assessment, and shortlisting of service providers. Renewals provide service providers the opportunity to deliver innovative services and next-generation technology solutions to expand their wallet share amid challenges such as saturation, slowing growth rate, and new and more agile competitors. They also provide enterprises the opportunity to make course corrections based on lessons learned during the lifetime of just-concluded engagements and adjust their sourcing strategies to suit the current business environment. Buyers of application services with long-term multi-tower engagements are driving the productivity agenda hard and are not averse to considering alternative service providers to counter declining productivity levels.


This research analyzes global renewals in the Application Services (AS) space coming up in the next two years (2020-2021).


In this report, we:

  • Analyze ITS and BPS markets, especially deals to be renewed in the future
  • Carry out vertical, geographical, and scope-based analysis, with a focus on AS and bundled contracts
  • Study AS and bundled contracts by scope (development, maintenance, ERP implementation, ERP maintenance, and system integration) across geographies


Application Services


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