Digital Trust – The Cornerstone of Creating a Resilient and Truth-based Digital Enterprise
State of the Market Report

17 Aug 2020
by Ashwin Venkatesan, Sarweshwer Gupta, Rohit Kumar

Accelerated adoption of digital technologies, exponential rise in digital touch points, consumerization of IT, and convergence of IT-OT environments have made traditional enterprise security strategies obsolete. Enterprise shift toward a programmable, lean hybrid infrastructure – driven by the adoption of cloud, microservices, containers, and DevOps, among others – has put considerable strain on IT personnel to protect enterprise reputation by addressing threats, which have become more rampant and sophisticated over time. Amid the rapid pace of business transformation and modernization, customer trust is going to be pivotal in building a future-proof business.

In this research, we share trends impacting the IT security services market and analyze aspects of digital trust when applied to different levers of IT security services. The report will help buyers understand the key cybersecurity trends impacting the market and introduce the overarching idea of digital trust. Service providers will benefit by aligning their strategies with these trends and supporting enterprises in their journeys to facilitate digital trust among business users and end customers.


Industry: IT security services

Geography: global


Our annual research deep dives into the global IT security services market, providing data-driven perspectives on the market at large. We evaluate global cybersecurity trends and demand drivers, analyze cybersecurity deals, introduce the concept of digital trust, build the digital trust model for enterprises, and create the roadmap to help enterprises enable digital trust.


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