Weaving a Customer-centric Supply Chain Through Effective After-sales Services

24 Jul 2020
by Shirley Hung, Ankur Verma, Bhanushee Malhotra, Amir Khan

Customers are the final link in a product’s or service’s supply chain, and it is vital to ensure they are satisfied after buying a product. After-sales support, commonly known as post-sales services, is a component of supply chain management that deals with the support a customer needs after purchasing a product or service. It includes multiple interaction points with a customer and can become a dealbreaker for an enterprise in this highly competitive landscape.

Efficient after-sales services help enterprises meet ever-changing customer demands and improve business outcomes. In recent years, enterprises have been leveraging analytics, IoT, sensors, and blockchain in the after-sales space to deliver value and improve the experience for customers, service partners, and regulatory bodies. Despite these steps, enterprises have failed to achieve the desired benefits because of multiple shortcomings in their execution.

This report suggests the factors necessary for successful management of the after-sales function based on multiple success stories across enterprises and service providers. It provides comprehensive coverage across dimensions such as buyer objectives, key considerations, service provider initiatives, after-sales market size and adoption, and service provider landscape.


  • After-sales processes including claims management, warranty management, field services management, spare parts management, and returns management
  • All geographies and industries
  • We have analyzed the following service providers as part of this report: Accenture, Genpact, OnProcess Technology, Infosys, TCS, Wipro, Cognizant, DXC Technology, HCL, EXL, Tech Mahindra


In this research, we analyze the after-sales market across the following dimensions:

  • Introduction and importance of after-sales services in supply chain management
  • Key enterprise challenges and considerations
  • Enterprise success stories
  • Market landscape
  • BPO overview and service provider landscape


Procurement Outsourcing (PO)


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