How to Undertake a Successful Insourcing Journey

7 Aug 2019
by Akshay Pandita

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Insourcing is defined as the shift in service delivery from a third-party outsourcing model to the Shared Services / Global In-house (SS/GIC) model. It has gained momentum in the recent past. Multiple organizations are rebalancing their sourcing model mix in favour of insourcing, given a wide range of strategic and operational benefits it offers. Insourcing journey can be full of pitfalls; hence, it is imperative for enterprises to have clear understanding of the best practices regarding how to insource successfully.

This document will help you identify:

  • Strategic and operational benefits of insourcing enterprises
  • Trigger points that drive an enterprise toward insourcing
  • Case studies highlighting how enterprises have successfully insourced
  • Best practices for GICs to ensure success of their insourcing journey

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