Robotic Process Automation (RPA) – Technology Vendor Profile Compendium 2019

29 Jul 2019
by Sarah Burnett, Harpreet Kaur Makan, Amardeep Modi, Akash Munjal

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is a key enabler of enterprise automation. It is rapidly gaining traction across industries and geographies, as more enterprises are becoming aware of its benefits. These benefits include reduction in costs, increased operational efficiency & quality, improved workforce productivity, enhanced customer & employee experience, and quick time-to-value. Encouraged by a growing number of success stories and positive word of mouth, many enterprises, Global In-house Centers (GICs), and service providers are investing in RPA. Selecting the right enterprise-grade RPA technology partner(s) is critical to success. However, RPA is a burgeoning market with technologies that are relatively new to many potential buyers in terms of product features, deployment options, training & support, partner ecosystem, and commercial models. The technologies are also evolving, with an expanding feature set and an increasing richness of functionality. In this context, this report provides a detailed view of 22 leading RPA technology vendors’ RPA offerings and capabilities.


The objective of this report is to provide key stakeholders a snapshot of the RPA offerings and capabilities of 22 leading RPA technology vendors. The report allows technology vendors to compare their offerings, capabilities, and areas of strength and improvement with other vendors in the marketplace. It also helps existing and potential buyers of RPA assess the technology vendors on the capabilities that they desire.

Each technology vendor profile covers the following details of vendors vis-à-vis their RPA offerings and capabilities:

  • Company overview
  • Recent deals and announcements
  • Market adoption and client portfolio mix
  • Product features & functionalities and key enhancements
  • Delivery capabilities
  • Partnerships
  • Measure of capabilities across PEAK Matrix™ dimensions
  • Key strengths and areas of improvement for technology vendors

RPA products that are sold on license, irrespective of any ongoing business or IT process outsourcing or managed services, were considered for this report. RPA products from 22 leading technology vendors across the globe have been assessed for this study.


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