Location Spotlight – The Philippines

8 Mar 2019
by Parul Jain, Akshay Pandita

Everest Group’s Next Wave Location Profiles provide crisp, yet insightful assessment of emerging / “Next-wave” countries or cities for services delivery. These reports help global sourcing practitioners or location strategy professionals stay ahead of competition in understanding global sourcing opportunities in “Next-wave” locations.

This report on the Philippines offers perspectives on key dimensions that impact its relative attractiveness, including:

  • Key drivers, challenges and untapped opportunities for global sourcing industry
  • Talent and skills availability (at both entry and experienced levels)
  • Depth and maturity across functions
  • Financial attractiveness (including wage inflation and attrition)
  • Delivery presence of enterprises and service providers
  • Key languages supported
  • Key environment risks (e.g., macroeconomic, geopolitical, infrastructure, safety and security, legal and regulatory)

Next Wave Location Profiles, along with other reports in Everest Group’s Locations Insider™ membership, make up the industry’s most comprehensive resource on location trends and perspectives. Membership to the Locations Insider™ provides up-to-date and actionable insights to base companies’ location decisions and strategy.


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