Global Technology Centers (GTCs) in India: Software Products Enterprises’ Solution to DIY

22 Jul 2019
by Shailee Raychaudhuri, Ranjith Reddy, Aditi Bansal, Abhi Pandey

The requirements of digital businesses have changed the way enterprises operate, the technologies that they interact with, and the speed with which they can meet customer expectations. Software products enterprises are at the forefront of this change and have made considerable strides in adopting the global sourcing model to meet these requirements.

India is one of the leading locations in the Global Technology Center (GTC) market, in terms of both center setups and the type of innovation that it delivers. Currently, there are ~436 GTCs across offshore and nearshore locations; India comprises ~35% of this market.

This report explores the landscape of services delivered by the software products GTCs in India. It provides an overview of the key trends in this market, the various challenges that they face and the nature of work that they deliver. It also provides different points of view on how these GTCs can play an even greater role with respect to innovation and increase their strategic presence in global delivery. Lastly, it describes the outlook for the future.

The report is divided into three sections:

  1. Trends shaping the software products industry
  2.  Market landscape for software products GTCs
  3. Outlook and implications for software products GTCs in India



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