Healthcare and Life Sciences – GICs in India Fast-tracking Enterprises’ Digital Agenda

12 Jul 2019
by Bharath M, Anish Agarwal, Pagalam Rajeshwaran

The past three to four years have witnessed a steady increase in the Global In-house Center (GIC) activity in the Healthcare and Life Sciences (HLS) industry. With factors such as regulatory constraints, declining profit margins, IP sensitivity, and customer demand for innovative technology-based solutions gaining prominence, the GIC model has become a go-to strategy for several global enterprises.

India has emerged as one of the highly preferred locations for global services delivery. Many GICs in the HLS space have aggressively ramped up their operations in the country in the past few years. In addition to delivering industry specific services (e.g., clinical trials, care management), many HLS GICs are also supporting leverage of next-generation technologies such as AI and Machine Learning.

This report focuses on the global delivery of Healthcare and Life Sciences services, across the various segments, from GICs in India. It covers the market landscape of HLS GICs with a focus on the current state of service delivery and adoption of next-generation technologies. The report also provides a deep-dive assessment of the various HLS segments/services being delivered from India – namely, delivery maturity, key growth drivers, challenges, and market trends – within each segment.

The report is divided into three broad sections:

  • HLS GIC market landscape in India
  • Assessment of the HLS segments among India-based GICs
  • Future outlook and implications for HLS GICs in India

The scope of the report

  • Industry: Healthcare and Life Sciences (HLS)
  • Focus: Global In-house Centers (GICs)
  • HLS segments:
    • Healthcare
      • Payer
      • Provider
    • Life Sciences
      • Pharmaceutical
      • Medical Devices
      • Biotechnology
  • Geography: India




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