5G – An Enterprise Primer

25 Oct 2019
by Mukesh Ranjan, Uthra K, Suseel Menon

In recent decades, communication technologies have served as the bedrock for innovations and new businesses and have played a key role in driving the web and data-driven economy. Most enterprises are now actively transforming their IT landscape to adapt to these technology-driven changes. It is therefore vital for enterprises to understand the value proposition of Fifth Generation Wireless (5G) and its impact on their businesses and prepare for the post-digital era that it will usher in. 5G is enabled by a clutch of technologies that help mitigate challenges associated with existing wireless networks that affect user experience, service delivery, and operations. It thus paves the way for scaled adoption of next-generation technologies such as augmented reality, virtual reality, edge computing, and autonomous mobility, among others.

This viewpoint helps enterprises understand 5G by exploring the following themes:

  • What are the key technology components underpinning 5G? How will enterprises benefit from these?
  • How can 5G guide enterprises into a post-digital age where today’s digital technologies will be ubiquitous?
  • What are the adoption levels for 5G globally?
  • What are the key considerations for enterprises adopting 5G? How should enterprises engage with key stakeholders when adopting 5G?
  • How will 5G affect different industry verticals? How can enterprises in these industries adopt 5G effectively?


Cloud & Infrastructure Services

Digital Services


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