Digital Interactive Experience (IX) Services PEAK Matrix™ Assessment and Market Trends 2019 – The New Battleground

30 Aug 2019
by Yugal Joshi, Nitish Mittal, Nisha Krishan

Digital interactive experience is becoming a key differentiator for enterprises in an age defined by rising customer expectations. The interactive experience ecosystem has become a three-way battleground for the creative agencies, IT service providers, and traditional consulting firms. Each one of them are trying to broaden their portfolio of services and expand their presence across the experience value chain through acquisition of firms and niche talent. Enterprises too are making strategic investments across their technology, data, and talent for enhancing customer experience. New-age technologies such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), edge computing, Augmented/Virtual Reality (AR/VR), etc., are further changing the rules of the game, as it is not sufficient to merely be a creative powerhouse and run campaigns or design experiences. Strong execution capabilities are becoming paramount and a key expectation of enterprises from their service partners.

In this research, we present an assessment and detailed profiles of 18 digital interactive experience service providers featured on the digital interactive experience services PEAK Matrix™. Each service provider profile offers a comprehensive picture of its service focus, key Intellectual Property (IP) / solutions, domain investments, as well as two case studies. The assessment is based on Everest Group’s annual RFI process for the calendar year 2018, interactions with leading digital interactive experience services providers, client reference checks, and an analysis of the digital interactive experience services market.

This report will cover the following:

  • Digital interactive experience services market update
  • Imperatives for enterprises and service providers
  • PEAK Matrix assessment of application automation services providers
  • Profiles of 18 digital interactive experience service providers


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