Next-generation Quality Assurance (QA) Services PEAK Matrix™ Assessment 2020

29 Nov 2019
by Yugal Joshi, Abhishek Mundra, Ankit Gupta, Nisha Krishan, Tanya Srinath, Uthra K

Enterprises aiming to jump on the transformation bandwagon are exploring the latest technologies to provide them competitive advantage and differentiation. In this scenario, Quality Assurance (QA) teams are increasingly taking the lead in ideating on future systems aligned with business objectives by leveraging their business know-how and understanding of technology. As a result, quality engineers are getting involved with the overall development process and contributing to the design and architecture of target systems.

Currently, service providers are extensively mining existing customers with the know-how of the enterprise landscape to win deals in next-generation QA services landscape. From the execution and delivery standpoint, they are struggling to address their talent needs, which have grown in the wake of next-generation technologies. Cross-skilling initiatives for both developers and quality engineers, complemented with crowdsourcing alternatives, are helping service providers survive this talent shortage.

In this research, we present an assessment and detailed profiles of 19 next-generation QA service providers featured on the Everest Group Next-generation QA Services PEAK Matrix™. Each service provider profile provides a comprehensive picture of its service focus, key Intellectual Property (IP) / solutions, domain investments, and relevant case studies. The assessment is based on Everest Group’s annual RFI process for the calendar year 2019, interactions with 19 leading services providers, client reference checks, and ongoing analysis of the next-gen QA services market.


This report covers the following themes:

  • Imperatives for enterprises and service providers
  • PEAK Matrix assessment of next-generation QA service providers
  • Profiles of 19 next-generation QA service providers


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