Makings of a Successful Sourcing Relationship – Deal Trends in the Healthcare Payer BPS Market

29 Mar 2019
by Manu Aggarwal, Ankur Verma, Naman Sharma, Harsh Kapoor

Healthcare payers have always been sluggish in making sweeping technology changes and this year is no different. However, the digital solutions have provided payers the perfect combination of investments and the associated ROIs. This report discusses some of the digital adoption trends by payers and their leverage of third-party service providers in doing so.

In addition to leveraging digital assets, payers are also looking for support in areas beyond the traditionally-outsourced claims-associated processes. From creating meaningful member touchpoints to driving higher quality of care, several initiatives have been taken up by all classes of healthcare payers in the US. This report provides initial adoption trends around some of these services as well as matches payer types to areas of interests.

Overall, the key pieces covered in the report include:

  • Growth catalysts helping the ~US$12 billion healthcare payer BPS market sustain a 10-12% CAGR
  • Increasing adoption of digital assets – such as analytics and automation – in BPS deals
  • Payers’ demand is shifting from purely cost reduction to more strategic and value-creation initiatives
  • Shift from claim-centered deals to include other areas such as care management and member engagement


Healthcare & Life Sciences Business Process Outsourcing


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