Top 20 Software Engineering Trailblazers: The DevOps Enablers

25 Jan 2018
by Chirajeet Sengupta, Ronak Doshi, Mayank Maria

The global technology landscape is evolving with the advent of new technology themes and the increasing focus on consumer-centric solutions. In this era of “software-defined”, software is gaining precedence in terms of creating a differentiated value proposition in the market for both technology vendors and enterprises.

The evolving technology landscape has led to the birth of numerous startups that offer tools to facilitate enterprise adoption of innovative technologies and best practices. Test automation, containerization, as-a-service, and product analytics/monitoring are a few areas witnessing significant startup activity. An increasing focus on time-to-market and the need to innovate software products on a continuous basis has necessitated the evolution of service delivery models, driving the mainstream adoption of Agile and DevOps as critical enablers for efficient software delivery. Over the past few years, multiple startups have thrived, enabling the DevOps adoption journey for enterprises. They offer tools for managing the DevOps value streams through various stages, thus accelerating enterprise DevOps adoption by eliminating the need for development of in-house toolchain. Scope of the analysis.

In this research, Everest Group presents an assessment of key startups that offer enterprise-grade tools across the four stages of DevOps enablement – continuous build, continuous integration, release management, and continuous deployment & configuration management. The report contains profiles of 20 DevOps enablers across these four stages. Each startup profile provides a view of its technology capabilities, market growth, and perceived investors’ confidence. The research also provides an overview of key players driving startup collaboration and investments in the software engineering space.


The research focuses on software engineering startups and includes:

  • Software engineering startups: role and engagement models
    • Benefits of partnerships for startups and enterprises
    • Dominant engagement models for partnering with startups
    • Key players driving investments in software engineering startups
    • Analysis of key focus areas for startups within software engineering
  • Software engineering trailblazers: the DevOps enablers
    • Key DevOps startups and evaluation parameters
    • DevOps enablers – continuous build
    • DevOps enablers – continuous integration
    • DevOps enablers – release management
    • DevOps enablers – continuous deployment and configuration management


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