Creating Business Value Through a Next-Generation Smart Digital Workforce

8 Feb 2018
by Amardeep Modi

Digital transformation has become a necessity for firms to survive in this era of disruptive business models and rapidly-changing markets. Undoubtedly, Service Delivery Automation (SDA) solutions, such as Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and Artificial Intelligence (AI), can play a significant role in enabling this transformation and creating business value for enterprises. Until recently, most of the automation projects at enterprises have primarily been done in silos, confined to task-level automation, and mostly targeted at achieving short-term tactical benefits. However, enterprises are now exploring to go beyond such task-level automation and develop digital capabilities for achieving targeted business outcomes. The key is to understand the multitude of applications of various automation technologies and solutions, and leverage them to create distinctive digital capabilities.

The purpose of this study is to assist organizations in building a smart digital workforce with enterprise-grade SDA technologies and solutions that can help them achieve strategic business outcomes.

Some of the key questions addressed in this study are:

  • What are the key business problems in the traditional workforce model?
  • What are the key automation technologies that enable a digital workforce?
  • What are the common misconceptions about automation technologies and solutions?
  • How can these automation technologies and solutions come together to create a smart digital workforce?
  • How can enterprises transform their front- and back-office operations through a smart digital workforce to become future ready?
  • How can enterprises achieve strategic business impact by leveraging digital capabilities?

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