Market Vista™: 2017 Year in Review and Outlook for 2018

13 Apr 2018
by Shivani Mudgil, Sauban Nafees

The report, Market Vista™: 2017 Year in Review and Outlook for 2018, gives an overview of the developments that took place in the global services industry in 2017. The report highlights key trends and drivers pertaining to GICs, offshore/nearshore locations, service providers, and outsourcing transactions. Besides providing an outlook for 2018, the report highlights implications for market participants as well. The objective is to help buyers, analyst communities, experts, and business executives assess sourcing market developments from service providers’ and buyers’ point of view, which can help them frame their opinion and take timely decisions.


In this research, we analyze the global SCM service provider landscape in 2017. We focus on:

  • Outsourcing transaction trends and analysis (separate view across traditional and digital services)
  • Offshore/nearshore GICs developments (separate view across existing and new adopters)
  • Onshore/offshore locations trends and risks (latest view on change in leverage of locations in recent years and key locations being leveraged for digital services)
  • Service provider developments (including latest development in digital services)


  • Global sourcing market trends in 2017
  • Outlook for 2018 and implications for key stakeholders
  • Outsourcing transactions analysis and trends by function, industry-vertical, geography, traditional vs. digital deals, etc.
  • Offshore/nearshore GICs developments and activity of key players
  • Offshore/onshore location activity by type, region, cities, functions, existing vs. new adopters, etc.
  • Offshore/onshore location activity opportunities and emerging risks including impact of tax reforms in the Philippines, GDPR implementation in the European Union, uncertainty around Brexit, and immigration reforms in the United States
  • Review of 25 leading service providers on their annual performance, capability enhancements, M&A landscape, and other key events


Market Vista


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