Enterprise Digital Adoption in Retail | Pinnacle Model™ Analysis 2018

22 Mar 2018
by Michel Janssen, Chirajeet Sengupta

The growing dominance of e-commerce has shaken the traditional retail industry, and offline retailers are finding it difficult to compete with the e-commerce giants. Over 6,000 retail shops shut down in the United States in 2017, the remaining players are now turning to digital technologies to fight for their survival. Retailers, both online and offline, are adopting digital strategies to improve the in-store experience, gain higher operational efficiency, and provide a personalized customer experience across channels.

As the pace of digital transformation intensifies, we are witnessing a group of leaders emerging from the pack, the Digital Pinnacle Enterprises™. Through this report, we deep dive into these organizations and analyze the factors that set them apart from other retailers and what the industry can do to keep up.

This report offers a deeper look at key capabilities, encompassing 18 key dimensions, in which retailers are making investments for digital transformation, and further evaluation of four key dimensions where Digital Pinnacle Enterprises™ in retail showcase higher maturity. This report will cover the following:

  • Factors that set the Digital Pinnacle Enterprises™ apart
  • Key digital adoption trends
  • Digital investments and growth priorities for retailers
  • Recommendations for retailers to thrive in this wave of digital disruption


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